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Awards, salutes, and plaudits:

Betina winning the RWA's coveted RITA for
THE BOOK OF TRUE DESIRES, a Victorian adventure romance.

Winner of the Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award for Love and Laughter

Betina Krahn – Review quotes  

MAKE ME YOURS  Top Pick 4- Stars Review MAKE ME YOURS (4.5) by Betina Krahn: Krahn's historical is an utterly charming treat. Brimming with humor and sensuality, it has a heroine to admire and love and a meltingly desirable hero. English widow Mariah Eller runs an inn in 1887. When the rowdy behavior of some drunken nobles threatens havoc, Mariah cleverly outwits them, even though one is Bertie, the Prince of Wales. Bertie wants her as a royal mistress, which means she must be married. Mariah uses her intelligence and wit to get the man she wants, the prince's friend Jack. But can he risk standing up to his family and the prince by claiming Bertie's potential mistress? The dialogue between Mariah and Jack is priceless. Nothing could be better about this book. It's a keeper.

                                                                         -- Romantic Times
—Page Traynor

Rating: 5 Cups Review

Betina Krahn has a new fan as her writing was a merry jaunt that I was overjoyed to read. The story is a riot about a woman outwitting the men around her in a time when it was assumed that women were only on earth to serve men. The erotic love scenes were outlandish and sizzling. I was enthralled with all of the characters and chewing my nails in suspense. The ending is no disappointment and will leave the reader giddy and smiling.

                              -- Delane Davis Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More


MAKE ME YOURS will be on the best of the year list of historical romances as this is a great jocular late Victorian with a great fresh concept. Mariah is fantastic as all she wants is preventing the drunks from wrecking her tavern, but consequently must deal with the unwanted adulation of the royal ... However soon the prince, Jack who knows nothing, and even a pauper will learn not to mess with the wind they call Mariah.

                                                    -- Harriet Klausner  GENRE GO ROUND REVIEWS

MAKE ME YOURS  Betina Krahn has long been known for her fabulous historical romances and proves herself a master of this shorter but no less seductive format. She weaves wonderful and intriguing characters with equal measures of steamy passion and witty humor. Betina proves that humor can be one the biggest turn-on's when looking for love. In Make Me Yours, the fast-paced storyline keeps the reader eagerly turning the page, anticipating each new twist, and then leaves you completely satisfied at the end. This book is like a wonderful, decadent treat; richly developed characters enrobed in a darkly, sweet storyline, spiced with a hot and steamy romance. This is a novel to be savored, slowly, bite by bite.

                                                                        -- Danya for Night Owl Romance 

MAKE ME YOURS  … RECOMMENED READ. Make Me Yours read like a breath of fresh air.  I loved Mariah and her embrace of her sexuality … I can see this appealing to many historical romance readers and I hope that they don’t miss it …

                                                       --  Jane for  Dear Author

MAKE ME YOURS  Why isn't everyone reading anything Betina Krahn puts on a piece of paper?  Why aren't people BREAKING INTO HER HOUSE and stealing her grocery list?  Her first Harlequin Blaze Historical, MAKE ME YOURS, is hitting the shelves at this moment (Amazon shipped me my copy yesterday) and it's as delicious as everything else she's ever written.  I just love her heroines.  They're smart and spunky and capable   really all these things, not just lip service to the qualities.  And the heroes are simultaneously flummoxed, infuriated, and secretly totally loving it.  I can't get enough.  Plus, she's just so funny.  She has this incredibly witty way with words. 

"Too funny!  Oh, I wish I could write historical romances like Betina Krahn!

Diana Peterfreund                                             Author TAP & GOWN (New Release)                                                                               Bantam Dell

MAKE ME YOURS ... RECOMMENDED READ ... it’s a fun book with a strong heroine who finds her equally strong and appreciative hero and one I had a great time reading.

                                                              -- Jayne a 2nd party review at Dear Author

MAKE ME YOURS ... TOP PICK!  (4.75 STARS) This book is like a wonderful, decadent treat;  richly developed characters enrobed in a darkly, sweet storyline, spiced with a hot and steamy romance. This is a novel to be savored, slowly, bite by bite.

                                                                    -- Night Owl Romance - Danya  

MAKE ME YOURS ... This was such a breath-of-fresh-air romance. I highlighted so many quotes that my mouse hand is tired.  This was a really good book. 

                                                   --  Cherry Forums Book Club - Molly

MAKE ME YOURS ... BLUE RIBBON 4.5 RATING ... Entertaining dialogue, exceptional attention to detail, and a very entertaining cast of secondary characters helps to create a very interesting story. Even for those not interested in historical works, MAKE ME YOURS would appeal, just from the quality of writing and the romantic scenes ...  another excellent example of the fine quality of Ms. Krahn's writing.

                                                                      -- Romance Junkies - Noelle

... a romp, a light romantic comedy. There’s hilarious repartee, a cast of wickedly funny secondary characters, sweet & moving moments, lovely sex, and a very satisfying HEA some details of which took me quite by surprise ... it just makes me hope for more titles of this sort and quality. It’s a real treat.

                                                  -- All About Romance - Rike Horstmann

Make Me Yours ... 5 STAR Review
Affaire de Coeur - Heather Nordahl Files

Betina Krahn ... FEATURED AUTHOR ... You’ll find Betina’s writing
on a level seldom reached by some many career authors. 

                                                  -- The Road to Romance (Canada)

Betina Krahn ... AUTHOR OF THE MONTH
                                                        -Affaire de Coeur - Louise Snead - Publisher

Make Me Yours ... I really enjoyed Make Me Yours ...
handled with finesse and comedy ... Krahn didn’t do any of the stale dramatic plot twists or techniques that others might use. Instead, she created a lovely and charming story ...
The contemporary sexual feel of the writing was another plus. It worked seamlessly into the historical setting.

                                                 - Smart Bitches Trashy Books
- Sabrina by SB Sarah


“Ms. Krahn is truly ingenious. . . You have to read her books!” 

                                                                           --The Literary Times

 “Wonderfully romantic. . . brilliantly written and a joy to read. . . humorous, witty, and original. . . Betina Krahn is talented and gifted.  Her writing is superb. . . perfectly charming.”                                                         

                                                                            --The Literary Times

“Merry, heart-charming. . . Betina Krahn is a treasure among historical writers, and The Husband Test is a story to savor.”             --BookPage

“Krahn has a delightful, smart touch.”               --Publisher’s Weekly

“Packs the romantic punch that fans have come to expect from this bestselling novelist. . . . smart, romantic. . . sure to delight readers.”

                                                                          --Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

 “Krahn, known for her storytelling ability and unique plotlines, dishes up a wild escapade that heats up the pages with simmering sexual tension and witty, laugh-out-loud dialogue between her utterly engaging characters.”

                                                                          --Romantic Times

“Krahn is a master at the dance of love.”         --Romance Reader at Heart

“Krahn knows how to entertain and enchant while telling a marvelous love story.”                                                     --Michelle Buonfiglio, Buy The Book,

 "Betina Krahn is the kind of writer that makes you smile at the end of her novels, and wish her next book were already in your hands." 

                                                                          --Contra Costa Times

“One of the genre’s most creative writers.  Her ingenious romances always entertain and leave readers with a warm glow.”           

                                                                          --Romantic Times


“With her usual delectably dry sense of wit and superb gift for characterization, Betina Krahn fashions a captivating tale of action, adventure and passion that is wickedly fun.”         

                                      --John Charles, Chicago Tribune on  The Book of True Desires


“Rip-roaring romantic escapade is a breath of fresh air in historical reading.”                                                 --Fresh Fiction on The Book of True Desires        --Fresh Fiction on The Book of True Desires

On The Wife Test:

 “Witty, rollicking romance. . . Krahn’s amusing follow-up to The Husband Test quickly blossoms into a bright, exciting adventure.”    

                                                                          --Publisher’s Weekly 


“A delightful romp of a read that delivers joyous wit and comic action.”                                                                                                                                         --BookPage


“An absorbing read.  Add in Ms. Krahn’s unique and witty humor and, once again, she scores a winner with the convent of the Brides of Virtue series.”

                                                                          --The Best Reviews


 On The Marriage Test:

“Krahn has outdone herself in this funny, sexy medieval romance, which nicely concludes her Convent of the Brides of Virtue trilogy and will keep readers smiling—and hungry—until the end.   Whimsical [and] witty.”

                                                                         --Library Journal  


“The golden pies and savory pasties that Krahn lovingly describes will make even the pickiest eater salivate. . . [A] delicious romance!”  

                                                                          --Publisher’s Weekly  


“With The Marriage Test, Krahn has perfected her unique recipe for highly amusing historical romances as she deftly brings together two perfectly-matched protagonists to create a delectable romance most readers will find impossible to resist.”                                                                                     --Booklist (starred review)  


 On The Book of the Seven Delights:

 “Readers who treasure strong female protagonists starring in historical romantic suspense thrillers will take immense delight in Betina Krahn’s fabulous late Victorian tale.”                                                                  --The Best Reviews


“An abundance of dastardly villains. . .keeps things edgy, while an ancient Greek sex manual adds spice to Krahn's lively romp.  Look for her trademark wit, her appealing characters, and a delightful dose of the exotic, just for good measure.”                                                           --The Library Journal  


“Betina Krahn’s newest release is a reader’s seventh heaven. . . If you can buy only one book this summer, choose The Book of the Seven Delights by Betina Krahn.”                                                              --A Romance Review


 “Krahn’s latest wonderfully creative historical is itself a treasure: an irresistible blend of impeccably crafted characters, an adventure-rich plot set in North Africa, and wickedly dry humor.”                                        --Booklist (starred review)


“Krahn’s written a book as fast-paced as an Indiana Jones adventure. . . and as sexy and witty as anything she has ever written.  This is a book you won’t put down and one you’ll delight in rereading.”                          --Romantic Times (TOP Pick)