Send me your photo...photographed in your favorite relaxing nook or reading spot. Be seen around the world reading a Betina Krahn Novel, (eBook, soft, or hard cover printed versions all okay).

Dear Reader, who are you; what do you look like; and where is your favorite reading spot? Send me a photo of you* settled into your cozy reading nook, reading a BK novel.  I'll ask my pool boy if he will post your photo on my site for all to see, (If  he's not otherwise occupied).

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From: Jill ... my sunroom/library ... I can sit here and watch the sunset.


From: Brittany, Columbus, Ohio ... my favorite studying and reading position ... my Mom has read most, if not all your books. This is my first not-borrowed-from-mom Betina Krahn. My younger sister, Cassie, (15) is waiting in the wings, but loves the sassy historical excerpts she has read. I noticed her surfing your website.