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I hope you are enjoying this glimpse of my world.  Your kind words and constructive comments are always welcome and may be selected to be included below. 

Thanks to the many of you who have read my books, loved my character's adventures, laughed at my humor, and filled the last guest book with your personal comments.

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Betina Krahn

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Dear Betina Krahn 

Just read “Luck be a Lady” on a whim and loved it! Delightful characters and often very funny.

I’m heading to the store, after work, to buy a few more of your books.

Sharon (Wisconsin)

Dear Betina Krahn 

Let me tell you how much I enjoy your books.

Caught in the Act is a special favorite of mine and I was extremely surprised and very happy when I discovered that Behind Closed Doors is a sort of sequel to it. And I really loved that story as well and especially the "exotic" Swedish setting in parts of it.

Make me Yours, The Last Bachelor and The Perfect Mistress are books I love as well.  Checking your website I also discovered you have quite an extensive list of books I haven't yet read, so I suppose I'll keep busy.

Katja Moser (Germany)

Dear Betina Krahn 

Make Me Yours.  Just finished my first book of yours (will not be the last) Liked the way it was historically accurate for its time, by you writing about electricity, trains, Harrods and such. And loved the fact that when Jake St. Lawrence fell in love he did not deny his feelings for her. He acknowledged them and they "worked" together as a team to overcome their obstacles. In doing so, it seems to me, if they were real people and they have a more realistic chance for a future together (I always imagine the heroine and hero in real life). Where in many other books there is no feeling of endearing characters.
Can't wait to read more from you.
Line Tayabali (Denmark)

Dear Betina Krahn 

Sweet Talking Man. Sept. 24 2009. Love how you intertwined history into this book.  I never had time to read much, but now your writing style has changed that. 

Thank you so very much.

Judith Frazier

Dear Betina Krahn  

 Make Me Yours. I loved it!!!  Oh, my it was hot ... your ability to add emotion and insight to these delectable descriptions make for a superb romance novel. I especially love that it was a period piece and I appreciate all the research that you must have done to make it so spot on.

I'm going to have to read more of your books. This certainly was a treat.

Thank you so much,

 Maria Tota

Dear Betina Krahn 

just finished "Make Me Yours" and LOVED it.  At last.  A female character who has intelligence, wit, character, humor, and is someone I could completely relate to.  So many of the females in the romance novels I read (yes I still read them anyway) frustrate me because they are so empty headed or do such foolish things or say such foolish things.  This woman was smart, sassy, and never once frustrated me.  The humor in the book had me laughing out loud.  When I had to put it down, I always had a smile on my face.  I would LOVE to see this on the big or small screen!  Let your fans know if that ever becomes a possibility!

Your new fan,

Cathy Jordan

Dear Betina Krahn  

Make Me Yours

Hi Betina,
I have never written to an author before, but I just couldn't allow myself not to praise you for your work in Make Me Yours
. I have read many many many historical romances, but your novel has by far set the bar on my standards of ingenuity!!!
I have never laughed and cried as much as I did while reading Jack & Mariah's triumphs and tribulations! I read while traveling by public transportation to work, and people have actually turned to look at me when I burst out laughing from one of your scenes! I'm not the type to express myself in public, but sometimes your paragraphs almost had me on the floor!
I want to congratulate you for such a wonderful piece of art, and I wish you the best in your career, because you clearly have a gift of writing and imagination!!
All the best from your most devoted fan,

Terry Tedeschi from Montreal, Canada :)

Dear Betina Krahn 

Hi Betina - I finished Make Me Yours late last night and I actually applauded at the end, after I laughed and cried and got hot and bothered! Thanks for a hugely entertaining evening.  You are a Master.

Take care,

Mary Lou Keller

Dear Betina Krahn

Make Me Yours Applause

I absolutely loved this book and stayed up all night to finish.
I did not know that Blaze had Historicals. I will definitely be buying your next books in this series.  Are you planning on writing any Blaze Historicals with virgin heroines? I hope so.
You are one of my favorite authors and I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I enjoy your writing.
Mari Marti

Dear Betina Krahn 

Hi, Betina - I have to tell you, I haven't enjoyed a book as much in a long time as I did MAKE ME YOURS.  What fun, great characters, and wonderful love scenes.

 I hope you write more Blazes!!!  Please!!!

Thanks for a special story. 

Ann Macela

WILD MAGIC, Medallion Press, October 2009

Dear Betina Krahn 

 Just finished "Make Me Yours"  I couldn't put it down !

Absolutely LOVED it , thank you !!

 btw STUNNING website !

 All the best !

Petro Lee   (South Africa )

Dear Betina Krahn  

August 7, 2009. The Wife Test ... I loved this book! I have read the Husband Test as well and just ordered The Marriage Test. I would love to read more books about the Brides of Virtue! You are a fantastic story teller. I have many of your books. Hidden Fires is a book that I have kept as a favorite since 1988! I recently purchased a new copy and reread it again. It is still my favorite! Love your books!


Dear Betina Krahn

Betina Krahn famous author of historical romance novels.  Could you send me an autograph to my address? Thank you very much. Best wishes.

Andrzej Migdalek - Poland/Polonia      

 Dear Betina Krahn   

First I wanted to send you a huge thank you for your talk on conflicts at the (Orlando, FL CFRWA) meeting on Saturday.  It's already been a huge help.  I've also already finished Make Me Yours and I loved it. 

I've talked my neighbor into reading it and my mother. I also plan on going straight to the book store and buying your previous books.  I'm usually a book snob and find it very hard to get into "new" authors. Well new for me, anyway.  So I just wanted to say thank you.

Jessica Souders

Dear Betina Krahn

Hi Betina! First of all, your website is gorgeous! Wow, best romance author site I've seen! 

I'm going to review Make Me Yours, I  just wanted to let you know that I reviewed The Husband Test in my "quickie re-reads" post. I absolutely love that book...I have re-read it a million times! (It got an "A")

Thanks again for writing such wonderful books- Penelope, aka, Penny Watson (

Thanks!- Penelope


Dear Betina Krahn

Helloooo Betina!  :) Your NEW book! Woo Hoo!!

I so love your books. You were one of the first authors who drew me to romance...and I simply love your way of portraying historical romances. Thank you so very much for what you do! 

Beverly Bennett       

Dear Betina Krahn

I sure enjoyed your new website - it's great!  This is another "feather in your cap" of accomplishments.  Congratulations.

 Lucy Allen

Dear Betina Krahn


Your new site rocks. And what a beautiful pic of you!!

Elissa Wilds

The Power is Within....  

Between Light and Dark - Dorchester Publishing. Now available at your local bookseller.

Darkness Rising - coming September 2009 from Dorchester Publishing.

Dear Betina Krahn

Your Fabulous New Website ... your brand new, totally made over website, I have to say, is completely intriguing! I loved the backlist page, (read them all) and especially the gallery of heroines, which was really just like so addictive! 

I am really excited by the idea of you writing a super hot BLAZE, and Make Me Yours sounds spectacular! I read about it on Romantic Times, and I was really pleased that you gave the exact WORD COUNT, as that helps me to shape my own writing goals.

My latest release, HIALEAH HEAT, is out now at Phaze books! And I have a blog, THE STORM REPORT,

Take Care, Carol Storm

Dear Betina Krahn

I visited your website today and am SOOO impressed.  It is absolutely lovely and wonderful!

 I'm also blown away by the excerpt from your upcoming Blaze.  OMG.  I can't wait to read the full book! -- KC
Hot Flash
"A laugh-out-loud treasure of a book" -- Danielle Russell, 5 cups Coffee Time Romance

Dear Betina Krahn

Ms. Krahn,

I hope you are still able to come speak to our SpacecoasT Authors of Romance Chapter. I look forward to meeting you . . . Your website is very lovely.

Stephanie Peaden

President, SpacecoasT Authors of Romance

Dear Betina Krahn

Betina, the new  web site is awesome ! Super organized and easy to get around.

I will try to get a pic of me reading my favorite Betina Krahn book --The Book of True Desires.

Cherry Jill

Dear Betina Krahn

Betina, I thought it was very sexy with the pictures of the heroes and villains ...  Can’t wait to read your first Blaze!
Michele Hauf

Dear Betina Krahn

Chic and classy!  I love the colors and the photos.

Kathleen Eagle

Dear Betina Krahn

I think it's awesome!!! Classy and elegant.  I "love" that you can  click on so many different headers.  The music ... really helps underscore the mood of the site, I think.  (but note to  self to turn volume off if I cruise websites at work)  The colors  really work well.

It's just very very unique ... fantastic site.

Kim Brant

Dear Betina Krahn

I love that you can click on so many different headers.  Yes a reader can spend a lot of time at the site and really feel like she's connecting!

Debra Dixon

Dear Betina Krahn

Hello Betina,

 From one TARA sister to another TARA sister, love the look of your new website. I could easily get hooked on the music.

 Loretta C. Rogers
Avalon Books w/a L. W. Rogers
The Wild Rose Press

Dear Betina Krahn

Hi Betina,

Just checked out your new website. Loved it! I'm looking forward to reading your upcoming Blaze novel. I've already made room for it on my "keeper" shelf along with your other books. Your stories fill an ordinary day with love, laughter and sunshine. A winning combination.

Warm hugs,

Loralee Lillibridge

Dear Betina Krahn

Great new site, especially the glass slipper <g>  Wonderful!

Hot, Sassy Romance... it's all about the sexy attitude
COMING ON STRONG ~ April '09 Harlequin Blaze
GOING DOWN HARD ~ May '09 Harlequin Blaze

Dear Betina Krahn

Wow, Betina!!  That’s an incredible website.  BEAUTIFUL!

 Helen Brenna

Dear Betina Krahn

What a fun website, Betina.  I especially liked the sideways woman.  Made the site fun!

Jean Mason

Dear Betina Krahn

Hello Betina,

Your new website is superb! Impressive -- I mean YOU as well as the site. Onward and upward!

Garda Parker

Dear Betina Krahn


 I love your new site! ... it's really awesome! Love the music. It's very CLASSY!

 Hawk  (Houston A. W. Hawk)

Dear Betina Krahn

Hi Betina,

I'm in charge of programs for Central Florida Romance Writers, and we were wondering if you'd be willing to visit Orlando and speak to us this spring or summer. We have several openings. Immediately available dates include: June 6, July 11, Aug 8. We might have some dates later this fall as well.

Please let me know if you're interested!  

Julie Salvo